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Spice Dictionary from G to Z

Ajwan Seeds - A flavour similar to thyme but much stronger. Used in Indian breads, Gram flour snacks and also go well with fish. They are also a common ingredient in balti cooking and in bhajias and pakoras. Also known as Carom or Lovage.

Amchoor (Mango) Powder - Made from peeled, dried, green mangoes. Used as souring agent, in marinades and as a tenderiser. Best used towards the end of cooking.

Aniseed Star - This aromatic spice has an aniseed-like taste and is used in Chinese spice blends. Great on spare-ribs, crispy duck, roast chicken, and in beef soups and stir fries. Best used sparingly and can be ground before use.

Asafoetida (Hing) - Probably the strongest spice in the world and should be used very sparingly. Gives a garlic like aroma. Used mainly in vegetable dishes

Cardamoms (Black) - These have a strong menthol aroma and are used in small quantities. An essential ingredient in "garam masala" mixtures, pilau's, biryani's and certain curries

Cardamoms (Green) - Highly aromatic with a sweet distinctive flavour. Used in rice dishes, desserts, apple pies and Indian meat dishes.

Cardamom Seeds - Seeds of the green cardamom which have been painstakingly removed form their shells. Can be used in many curry dishes, adding a distinctive aroma.

Cassia Bark (Dalchini) - Used in pilaus, lamb and other meat dishes.

Chillies (Bird Eye) - Whole Very hot, small whole chillies that can be used instead of fresh chillies. Great for hot sauces & chilli oil. Chillies are the hot cousins in the Capsicum family. Bird Eye chillies may be small but they are very hot so use with care!

Dried Chillies - A unique taste and many uses. Heat whole dried Bird Eye chillies in some oil until they increase in size. The frying enhances their flavour.

Chilli Crushed - A hot fiery spice that can be used in place of whole chillies and releases its flavour quickly into dishes. Ideal as a seasoning for pizzas and casseroles.

Chilli Powder - Hot made from the skins of dried chillies. It is extremely hot and an essential base for all vindaloo recipes, providing considerable zest and flavour. Please note that chilli powder is also known as cayenne pepper. This is to distinguish it from the Mexican variety which contains cumin, garlic and oregano.

Cinnamon Sticks - A sweet, mild spicy flavour. Delicious in puddings, cakes, stewed fruits and hot drinks.Cinnamon Ground An alternative to the sticks, also delicious added to cake mixtures and hot beverages.

Cloves - Whole One of the world's oldest and most useful spices. Use to make authentic garam masala and in various dals and pilau rice. Has a vast range of uses in all types of cooking.

Coriander Seeds - Possibly the most important of all curry ingredients. Coriander seeds have a warm fragrant odour and pleasant, mild taste. A popular spice used in most Indian dishes.

Coriander Ground - Dhania A convenient alternative to seeds. Can be added to soups.

Cumin Seeds (Brown) - An essential ingredient in curry and masala mixtures. Strongly aromatic, spicy and slightly bitter in taste.

Cumin Seeds (Black) - Black - rarer form of cumin. These seeds are sweeter, smaller and have a more delicate taste.

Cumin Ground (Jeera) - Stronger than whole seeds and its flavour is strengthened by toasting. It can be used in meat, rice and vegetable dishes.

Curry Leaves - highly aromatic leaves, used mainly in Southern Indian cooking. An essential ingredient of curry powder, green chutneys and marinade pastes. Use generously, doubling the quantity in those recipes that require fresh curry leaves.

Curry Powder - An authentic blend of exotic spices used by generations since the days of the Raj. Excellent for adding flavour to sauces, soups and rice. Ranges from mild to very fiery.

Fennel Seeds - These have a warm aroma and a sweetish taste like aniseed. Tastes great with seafood, pork, stuffings, sauces, pickles and some curries. In India it is chewed as a natural breath freshener and as an aid to digestion.

Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds - These are normally sauteed in hot oil before adding vegetables to your dish. Used in pickles and chutneys and an important ingredient of the Vindaloo. Sprouts easily like cress. Excellent in salads.

Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves - Grown from Fenugreek seeds and have a stronger, distinctive flavour. Sprinkle Fenugreek leaves over meat, fish and potato dishes.