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Spice Dictionary from G to Z

Garam Masala -A traditional blend of aromatic spices from a secret recipe used since the days of the Raj. Garam Masala literally means mixed or blended hot spices

Garlic Powder
- A useful alternative to using fresh garlic in preparing Indian pastes. Mix in with butter and herbs to make your own garlic bread.

Ginger Powder - An essential ingredient for preparing pastes and marinades.Kasuri Methi Leaves - similar to the Methi Leaves, but should be soaked in water before use, strongly scented. Suitable for dishes such as Lamb Methi where a greater quantity of leaves is required, they also combine well with spinach in saag dishes.

Mace Ground - A rich aroma and a strong, warm taste. Mace is the lacy outer covering of nutmeg. Best used sparingly in sauces, soups, desserts, meats, fish, and Moghul dishes

Mustard Seeds Black These are normally sauteed in hot oil, and impart a delicious mild nutty flavour to most Indian vegetable dishes.

Nigella (Kalwanji) Seeds - A mild peppery flavour and are used in tandoori breads, spice mixes and buttered vegetables. Sometimes known as onion seeds.

Nutmeg - Grate before use and sprinkle into deserts, cake mixtures, curries and hot drinks.

Panchpuran - 5 spice mixture typical of Bebal. It consists of fennel seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds and kalwanji seeds in equal proportions

Paprika - Ground from capsicums, adds flavour and a reddish colour to foods. A sweet piquant spice.

Pepper (Black) - The worlds most popular spice.

Poppy Seeds - Lightly roast before use. A nutty aroma and crunchy texture. In India the seeds are usually ground, to thicken and flavour sauces. Tastes good in sweet pastries, breads and is ideal for garnishing vegetables.

Saffron Mancha
- The three stigmas of the saffron crocus. Saffron is strongly perfumed with the scent of honey.

Sesame Seeds - Nice on sweets, biscuits, breads and cakes. Used a lot in Indian cooking as a finishing coating with potatoes or vegetables.

Tamarind - Often used in both Indian and Thai cuisine giving it a sweetish tangy flavour. A souring agent used for chutneys, dips, sweet and sour dishes.

Tandoori Masala - A mixture of authentic spices lightly roasted before grinding and blending to bring out their highly aromatic flavours. Delicious on all roast and grilled meat dishes.

Turmeric - Part of the ginger family and is a strongly flavoured spice used in most Indian dishes.